​Ralf Hirt accumulated more than one decade of global Internet industry experience. Originally from Stuttgart, Germany, he these days lives in New York City. Hirt also lived and worked for many years in Hong Kong (China), Sydney (Australia) and London (United Kingdom). He has held executive roles at Mode Media Corporation, the number one in reach for women online, after having spent nine years at DoubleClick (Google). Hirt served as a director of DoubleClick Japan listed in Tokyo and the Asian Digital Marketing Association. The combination of working with web publishers, advertisers and agencies from all over the world as well as circling the globe innumerable times by air and camel back and all forms of conveyance, in between, he developed a desire to make the invisible global and local developments visible and to maximize that knowledge, putting it into perspective and understandable context. The result is 8W8, the New World Modeling Engine, which he introduces in his novel 8W8 - Global Space Tribes. ​

​Additional Publications:

Co-Author of "Infrastructure and Productivity in Asia", Palgrave Press, London, United Kingdom
Guest Contributor ‘WertZeichen setzen!’ mi-Wirtschaftsbuch, Munich, Germany

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