Before the world was flattened and digitalized, we depended on ancient forms of communication, TV, Radio and the telephone to see around the corners of our global neighborhoods. Even now, with always-on Broadband high definition Star Trek-like communication devices, we are still unable to catch more than a marginal peek of developments occurring beneath the surface of the earth and beyond the sky. Diverse perspectives and backgrounds nuance our view of the world. Yet, as an international business traveler and Internet executive, I was left with a sense of discomfort because I could never see more than what my five senses allowed me to perceive, knowing all a long that there was so much more going on below the wings of my aircraft. Although living in the post digital world, I could not see how the world had become integrated, nor, could I see how others see what I could and could not see. Since I could not find a tool that would allow me to make visible those things that had remained invisible to my senses and since I could conceptualize what it was that was needed, I decided to develop the tool, myself. I knew that I wanted to render, dynamically, the world stake holding factors, and to ascertain the digital impact on a global and local level. As a believer that knowledge improves the state of the world I developed an out-of-the-box approach that facilitates my ability to communicate my thoughts and ideas in an innovative and entertaining way: The novel 8W8 - Global Space Tribes. I hope you enjoy and can use it.

Ralf Hirt
Author of 8W8 - Global Space Tribes
New York City



Chapter I              The Invisible World

Chapter II             Hilo Y'All! Aloha Golden Sky!

Chapter III            Birth

Chapter IV            Soup and Volumizing the World

Chapter V             The Emergence of the Global Space Tribes

Chapter VI            The View Through on EA-RA

Chapter VII           Approaching New York City

Chapter VIII          Don't Get Pizza on the Dashboard

Chapter IV             The Aerially Shaped Opportunities

Chapter X              It feels Good

ISBN's and Distribution:

Hard Cover Edition    ISBN 978-0-9799549-0-0; available on Amazon; Hardcover

Paperback Edition     ISBN 978-0-9799549-1-7; available on Amazon; Paperback

Kindle Edition            ASIN B00122GHE8; available on Amazon Kindle Store

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