8W8 is totally out-of-the-box and so is the concept of volumizing the world. Here is a first opportunity to dive into the world of the 8W8 - Global Space Tribes.

Extract from Chapter VIII - Don't Get Pizza on the Dashboard

        The only one to speak was Oskar, who assured Theresa that she had presented it the exact way they had discussed it earlier and which the others who were not there at the time had since given their imprimatur. "It’s excellent Terri," he said to her encouragingly, sensing that Theresa was feeling a little less confident than usual. Her own standard was to seek perfection in anything she did and any criticism would have unnerved her confidence. No one spoke, until Charles asked to see the glossary of terms so that they could see if they agreed on the language which would define their modeling tool.

        Feeling more assured, she said in her normal voice, "Slide Five," and then read out loud the glossary beyond Sky Level, Earth Level, Action and Substance.


Aerial: Used to express the three-dimensional world view based on the criteria entered in 8W8 and then viewed inside the cockpit of an 8W8 Heli ride.

Area: The world’s surface in square miles by region, country, metro, city, suburb, neighborhood, village.

Benchmarks: In 8W8, benchmarks can be set for every measurable definition, and therefore performance or conditions could be compared and tracked.

Category: Common elements of a tribe defined and structured.

Centers: Virtual or physical locations where common elements and factors come together compromised of soft and hard factors. Knowledge and competence centers drive developments.

Cockpit: The 8W8 Helicopter cockpit to steer through the world of the Global Space Tribes.

Context: A way of viewing or interpreting a tribe’s potential characteristics or affiliations.

Criteria: The defining components or parameters entered into 8W8 via the dashboard.

Dashboard: The 8W8 Helicopter’s control instruments that define dynamics and enter opinions and weightings that are processed into views.

Demographics: A set of elements grouped by country, region or tribe.

Elements: Each individual exists out of factors, as in demographics, interests, behaviors, opinions, income and so on, and hence its home is a physical location such as a country and is part of the country’s volume. Via the Internet each element can connect with other elements based on the individual’s proactiveness in social networking or if available data is based on research. The connected elements are streams.

Element colors: Elements can be expressed in colored dots. The more different elements are, the more colorful an individual. The more elements a tribe exists out of the more colorful.

Expand: the increase or swell of a volume.

Flat: ‘Flat’ means the nature of easily leveraging global investment, communication and sourcing opportunities.

Global Space Tribes: Inhabitants of the world who share common interests, opinions, thoughts or belief and may have similar behavior and potentiality on a global level; this includes possibly connecting and communicating and therefore moving in directions that are not under the control of any conventional governing bodies.

Hills: Hills have more volume mass than towers and are covering more land density. New York City or Switzerland could be a hill.

Intensity: Population of a defined area.

Mountains: Mountain and mountain chains are of large volume. USA, Japan or Germany or basically all G8 countries are mountains.

Level: Within the volume 8W8 distinguishes between Sky and Earth.

People: Inhabitants of the world, broken down by region, country, metro, city.

Pilot: The individual who enters and decides the selection of data and its weighting, as well as en route on the journey.

Segment: Exists from several categories and or contexts. A segment’s spread would be a stream in the visualized world.

Shape: The world is round only as of physical existence and ‘flat’ only in its framework; however, the shape is molded by the parameters set by the beholder.

Space: The arena where a set of opted criteria come together. It includes the volume and the Sky Level and it emerges in and out of the volumes. It is a light stream around the world.

Shrink: The decrease of a volume.

Stakeholders: Everyone with an interest in the world, including people, companies, associations, unions, religions and Global Space Tribes.

Stream: Streams are connected elements, which also contain the PPP and GNP and hence have a volume. To make the streams transparent, they are called Light Streams.

Surface: The overall surface expands in line with economical growth. The Substance Surface is the substance’s ceiling and therefore the surface the Action happens on. The Action Surface is the Action’s ceiling. The overall height of Substance and Action expands or shrinks with growth or negative growth respectively.

Tower: High volume in smaller regions. Singapore or Dubai would be good examples.

Tribe: A community directly or indirectly connected but in any case shares common interests. Tribes typically do not have a leader.

Tribe DNA: The elements a tribe or an origin of a Global Space Tribe consists out of.

Tribe Unit (TU): The measurement of volume.

Triber: An individual of a tribe or Global Space Tribe.

Triber DNA: A tribe members’ tribe relevant elements.

Universe: The virtual workshop where a space tribe starts structuring itself, communicating, developing, and prospering.

Valley: Areas with very low volume.

Volume: The by 8W8 mathematically calculated size of a Global Space Tribe of any kind and any layer such as the world, a country, a likeminded group of people linked or unlinked to a location. The volume is measured in Tribe Unites (TU). The volume can be associated to an area or otherwise exist as a Stream or Universe.

Voluminous: The size of a country, regions, Global Space Tribe, stream or universe.

Weighting: Weighting can be applied to all criteria that are entered in 8W8 so that the impact of a factor is defined by the pilot.

        Realizing that no one wanted to offer any criticism but wished to see how she had formulated everything which they had previously agreed upon into a coherent dashboard, Theresa continued.

8W8 Dashboard